Welcome to Beautiful Locks Club

For a Sisterlocks and Soul-stirring Experience Join Us!

Why Beautiful Locks Club Is For YOU!

We bring together women with dry, lifeless, low-density, and/or slow-growing Sisterlocks to teach NEW hair care tips and techniques so that we can nourish and revitalize our locks for healthier and fuller hair. 

We also share various other interests, from crafting to sewing, crocheting, quilting, consulting, business, investing, etc.

Another key part of our culture in this community is building an accepting and transformative community where we aim to support and encourage those who are going through an expansion and a reset in their lives. 

We have found that "seasoned women" are always developing and re-purposing their lives as their seasons change.

Although Beautiful Locks Club is initially for those who wear Sisterlocks, we are a community of women who are free to grow and expand and to live our lives on our own terms, with God, front and center.

What You Can Look Forward To

Our community, courses, and memberships are very special. We’re focused on the ways it will make a huge difference in your life.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Beautiful Locks Club:

  • Exchange hair care tips and strategies with other women who have Sisterlocks, sharing your pictures and videos.
  • Connect and create supportive relationships with women who share your hair journey and experiences, making you feel understood and motivated.
  • Gain insights into effective NEW techniques to nourish your Sisterlocks, leading to hydrated, moisturized, healthier, happier, and fuller hair.
  • Level up your Sisterlocks hair care in our Steaming Your Sisterlocks Challenge
  • Share your passions and hobbies/talents/gifts/art in the community
  • We are building a SPACE, especially for SISTERLOCKS CONSULTANTS who want to grow and expand their business right here in this community! As a member of BLC, you will have the opportunity to gain clients and become a leader in our community among the members.
  • We believe in affirming our members in our community. We are incorporating an Ambassador program where you will be rewarded with recognition and tangible gifts for referring others to BLC!
  • If you are a BOSS LADY and you want to network with other boss ladies, BLC is the place to connect. We are creating a SPACE for business owners to network and expand their reach within our community. 
  • For our Elite Members (Annual members) there is a SECRET group, especially for you!  
  • and so much more!

When You Join Today

When you join Beautiful Locks Club today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Video Library for Sisterlocks: This library features classic video tutorials as well as current up-to-date tutorials on various topics such as moisturizing, maintaining, and styling Sisterlocks. These videos are beneficial as they provide detailed practical knowledge and techniques directly from my and others' experience of wearing Sisterlocks.
  • Live Q&A Sessions: We schedule and host LIVE chat sessions with myself and other Sisterlocks experts where members can ask their questions in real time. These sessions help address specific needs within our community. Get instant solutions.
  • Hair Nourishment Events: Organized periodically, these events focus on perfecting the art of nourishing and hydrating your Sisterlocks. Periodically, we'll have special guests to share their expertise and knowledge. Here, members can share their hair care routines and learn from each other's experiences, improving overall hair health.
  • A major part of this community is STEAMING your Sisterlocks for the maximum hair health experience. Invitation to take the "Steaming Your Sisterlocks Challenge" will be coming soon!
  • Our Beautiful Hair Products & Accessories Store is always open to our members to stock up on their hair care products and save time, money, and save their hair. These products are premium hand-crafted products, especially for those who wear Sisterlocks. You will find the link inside the club, or go to BeautifulHairProducts.com
  • We realize that you also share various interests, from crafting to sewing, crocheting, quilting, consulting, business, investing, etc.
    Another key part of our culture in this community is building a place that is inviting, warm welcoming, and fun. Here, in BLC, you are free to share your passions, books, photos, videos, and things that bring joy to yourself and others.
  • etc, etc, etc.